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Dedicated Litigation Attorneys Defending Businesses Against Complex Claims

Commercial litigation has been a part of the practice of Lobb & Plewe from the beginning. During their decades of experience, the attorneys of Lobb & Plewe have developed a deep understanding of the laws applying to business entities, including the rights of business owners and the obligations of directors, officers and managers.

Our attorneys have lengthy experience in all manner of disputes where real estate is at the center of the dispute, including, disputes between adjacent landowners, secured lenders and borrowers, buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, and commercial landlords and tenants. Lobb & Plewe also has lengthy experience in all manner of construction disputes, including mechanic’s lien foreclosures and disputes over timing and quality of the work performed.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in state and federal courts throughout California, as well arbitration with nationwide and local arbitration services.

Corporate Litigation Defense Services

The attorneys of Lobb & Plewe have a tradition of excellence representing clients in a broad range of business disputes including:

  • Partnership dissolutions. When a partnership is considering dissolution, or when the conduct of a partner is inconsistent with the partnership agreement, Lobb & Plewe guides the business through termination with minimal disruption.
  • Shareholder disputes. Lobb & Plewe expeditiously defends their clients’ interests when threatened with shareholder litigation.
  • Business collections. The Lobb & Plewe litigation team understands the practical considerations of debt collection. The attorneys bring a measured approach to collections litigation to achieve cost-effective results.
  • Securities law violations. When a company has been accused of a securities law violation, Lobb & Plewe zealously defends the firm’s interests.
  • Class actions. When claims have been alleged against a defendant on a class-wide basis. Lobb & Plewe focuses on defending these cases by attacking the pleadings, moving for summary judgment and/or opposing class certification.
  • Intellectual property disputes. Lobb & Plewe has extensive experience defending and prosecuting cases involving intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Attorneys In The Lobb & Plewe Business Litigation Practice

The business litigation attorneys at Lobb & Plewe provide a full range of services for businesses, business owners and investors located in California, Nevada and in other locations across the United States. Lobb & Plewe attorneys have prior experience litigating cases in various federal and state courts. Founding attorney and managing partner Mark Lobb has personally handled several multimillion-dollar lawsuits for large companies in Southern California.

Trial Lawyers With A Record Of Results In Southern California

If threatened with a lawsuit, it’s imperative to discuss the case with knowledgeable legal counsel. Contact Lobb & Plewe at 951-335-0465 or online today.