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Guiding You Through Mergers And Acquisitions

Several factors should be addressed when you are considering a merger or acquisition in California. At Lobb & Plewe, we know how vital it is to understand the implications of the transactions and how important documentation is during this process.

Knowledge Of Process Helps Prevent Unexpected Surprises

Our attorneys can make sure the merger or acquisition is handled properly and that any potential issues are addressed right away. We work with you, your accountant and any other individuals or companies that are involved in the transaction.

Our services include reviewing the proposed merger or acquisition to make sure all implications are understood. We will discuss the tax consequences and other financial implications you need to be aware of before making any agreements. Our lawyers want to make sure any financial impact is known and is consistent with your current business or succession goals.

Mergers and acquisitions can result in many consequences for your business if they aren’t handled properly. Our law firm can make sure you understand how the transaction will affect your business and ensure all documentation is accurate and will allow a successful transaction to occur.

We know how complex these matters can seem and the stress it can cause. Let us handle your business needs so you can focus on managing your business and achieving your goals.

A Materiality Scrape Is An Important Contract Provision

A materiality scrape is a contract term that generally protects the buyer in a merger or acquisition. During a transaction, a seller will include a series of representations and warranties about the materiality of the business. This serves to outline the current condition of the business as well as informing the buyer of any potential risks. A materiality scrape allows the buyer to later ignore these representations and warranties for any post-transaction indemnification due to losses at their expense.

A materiality scrape is not compulsory to every acquisition agreement, and they are significantly stilted in the buyer’s favor. Still, these provisions are popular, and when negotiating them the aid of legal counsel can be beneficial.

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