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We Can Help Individuals Relocate Without Disrupting Their Businesses

When you own a business, your ties to its physical location can be considerable. If you are still heavily participatory in its daily operations, your residence will likely be within close proximity. What if, however, your role is less hands-on and you are weighing the option of relocation?

With the aid of knowledgeable legal counsel, you can change your state of residence while minimally impacting your business. At our firm, Lobb & Plewe, we proudly assist in moving companies to other states, as well as with other relocation-related business needs. Not wanting your move to disrupt your business is understandable, and our attorneys can help you achieve a more seamless transition.

Establishing Residency In A Different State May Be Advantageous

Your reasons for moving can be myriad. While personal motives can lead to you seeking a new place of residence, there may also be financial reasons to relocate as well. Some common factors in business owners’ decisions to relocate include:

  • Lower state income taxes
  • Easier avenues for asset protection
  • Less burdensome estate taxes

For individuals with significant financial holdings, establishing a new state of residency requires a fair amount of planning. Our lawyers can aid you in a multitude of facets, including tax analysis, estate and succession planning. While making such a move may have inherent challenges, the benefits may confirm it to be a logical maneuver.

Our Lawyers Can Assist In Easing Your Transition

Lobb & Plewe can perform the due diligence you need in order to relocate. To find out more about this and the other business migration services that our firm offers, please call us today at 951-335-0465. You may also contact our office via email to schedule a consultation.