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A Comprehensive Employee Handbook Can Help Protect Your Business

Advising your employees of company policies is necessary to maintaining a productive staff. If your workers understand their compensation, benefits, schedule and overall office culture, they are likely to derive more satisfaction from their jobs. Policies such as codes of conduct, however, are just as vital to impart to your employees. A failure to communicate what is acceptable behavior can sometimes lead to lawsuits, which can be a financial detriment to your business.

One effective way to mitigate this risk is by creating a comprehensive employee handbook. Our lawyers at Lobb & Plewe work with businesses as they assemble guidelines that both inform their employees and serve to shield them from potential litigation.

An Efficient Way To Inform Your Employees

Hosting a slew of meetings or routinely sending emails that outline your company’s internal policies can be time-consuming. By using an employee handbook to put your company’s pertinent information in a concise package, you are creating a document that can protect your best interests. A complete employee handbook should detail several policies, including:

  • Code of conduct
  • Anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunity information
  • Paid vacation structure
  • Benefits
  • At-will employment guidelines

These essential policies offer a mere start, but they can prove instrumental in avoiding discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination lawsuits. Our attorneys work with clients in a range of different industries, so we have the experience necessary to help you customize an employee handbook that matches your needs.

We Can Provide Legal Counsel For Your Business

Making your policies clear can have a positive impact on your business. To learn more about designing an effective employee handbook, contact Lobb & Plewe today at 951-335-0465. You can also send inquiries via email by visiting our Contact page.