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We’re Here Every Step Of The Way

Our attorneys at Lobb & Plewe, understand California and federal employment laws. Our knowledge of how these laws impact employers helps us address issues with employees and find the best possible resolution.

We know what legal issues may arise after any type of encounter with an employee. We can discuss your legal options and what possible challenges you may face. Our lawyers are skilled at employment counseling, and we can help you protect your reputation and company by discussing your needs now.

Terminating an employee in California can be very tricky, and not adhering to state and federal laws could lead to a potential lawsuit. This can seem scary, but we’re here to help.

Our knowledge and understanding of these complex issues can make sure you know all of your options and may help prevent legal disputes in the future.

Whether you are thinking about terminating an employee or are having any type of encounter where an employee may misunderstand the situation or make accusations against you later, it is best to discuss these issues now before the situation gets worse.

Our attorneys can sit down with you and discuss your options and rights in the employer-employee relationship. Addressing the issues now will help us find the best way to resolve the situation that will protect you and the company.

We also conduct exit interviews with terminated employees on your behalf or can provide you with a script to conduct the interview on your own.

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Our law firm represents employers throughout California, Nevada, and in other locations across the United States, working with local counsel when necessary. To see how we can help you, call us at 951-335-0465 or submit your information online.