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Handling Your Trust And Estate Administration Needs

At Lobb & Plewe, we have extensive experience helping individuals and families. We are skilled at reviewing complex estates, and we can make sure your estate is set up and handled properly from the start.

A trust can help you avoid the probate process, but issues can still arise that can be difficult to resolve. Forgetting to move assets in your trust or running into a different dilemma can be frustrating and confusing. Our law firm can review your estate and find the best option to resolve the issue before any more surprises happen.

Estate administration issues can be tricky. Let us handle the process for you so you don’t have to worry about legal matters popping up in the future.

Is Your Estate As Tax Efficient As It Could Be?

Our attorneys understand IRS policies and estate tax regulations. We can review your estate and make sure your assets are allocated in the most tax efficient way possible to preserve your wealth.

Our lawyers can also prepare and review your estate tax returns to ensure that everything is accurate and correct according to the most recent guidelines and policies. We work very closely with your estate’s accountants. This allows us to have the most accurate information and helps us address any potential issues now so you don’t have to worry about these issues in the future.

Contact Our Law Firm

Our attorneys assist clients with a variety of estate administration issues. Call our law office at 951-335-0465 or contact us online to discuss your needs.