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Drafting The Right Will Or Trust For Your Situation

Our law firm understands how challenging creating a will or trust can be. At Lobb & Plewe, we have decades of experience discussing your specific estate planning needs.

Let Us Handle The Process For You

To make sure your family and assets are protected and your wishes are honored, we get to know you so we can prepare the proper type of will or trust to address your needs. To do this, we personally meet with you and review your financial statements to determine what assets and property you own and if you are involved in any business entities.

Our lawyers use this information to design a plan that will protect your assets and wishes and pass on your inheritance as smoothly as possible. Wills and certain types of trusts can make a huge difference in the lives of your loved ones, and we can help make sure your heirs are taken care of in the future.

The probate process can be complex and frustrating. Creating a will or trust can prevent disputes and make the process much easier for everyone.

Wills And Trusts Can Protect You In Many Ways

When it comes to passing on inheritance, many of you may be worried about how your heirs will spend their inheritance. Trusts can include specific stipulations that can prevent your loved ones from spending all of their inheritance right away, keep them from spending it unsafely or for dangerous behaviors or make sure family members with special needs are taken care appropriately.

Trusts can stipulate that heirs cannot receive their inheritance until a certain age or until specific criteria are met. This includes completing rehab for alcohol or substance abuse problems or even graduating from college.

If a loved one has a disability, a special needs trust can make sure he or she receives proper care without losing access to government programs and benefits that are essential to maintaining his or her quality of life.

Our law firm can discuss all of these issues and make sure your will or trust addresses your concerns while still passing on your inheritance to your loved ones.

Contact Our Attorneys

Wills and trusts can be more complex than you think. We help clients in California, Nevada, and across the United States with detailed questions regarding their business and estate planning needs. Call us at 951-335-0465 or contact us online to discuss what estate planning documents are right for you.