Avoid the High Cost of Employee Lawsuits

Currently, lawsuits against California employers, whether they are justified or not, continue to expand. We are currently defending multiple California Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) lawsuits for our business clients.

These types of lawsuits can be very costly as they can include claims for meals, rest breaks and piece-rate pay issues. In one of our current cases, we were able to greatly reduce the plaintiff’s PAGA claims by reviewing the prior attorney’s actions. After analyzing the fact pattern, we found that when written pre-litigation notice was given to the State Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA), the attorneys failed to disclose several of the claims included in the lawsuit. The attorneys then attempted to give further notice, but this was after the one-year statute of limitations. Therefore, because the plaintiff had quit the position beyond that time, the attempt to give notice failed. Based on this one fact, the court granted our motion and the PAGA claims that were failed to be disclosed, were dismissed. This reduced the claims by approximately half, in fact these were some of the more costly claims.

We want you to know that we are here to help if you, or one of your fellow business owners has an employee file a lawsuit, especially a PAGA suit. We ensure no stone goes unturned and we analyze each case from multiple perspectives. Our goal is to find the best possible outcome for you.

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