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Helping You Protect Your Business’s Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property refers to product of the human intellect that the law protects from unauthorized use by others. Intellectual property laws protect such things as inventions, trade names, trademarks, logos, unique processes, written works, artwork, music and other products derived from your original, creative thought.

Protecting your company’s intellectual property is essential to the success of your business.

Our attorneys at Lobb & Plewe can help you with all of your intellectual property needs, including trademark protection, protection of your trade secrets, copyright protection, internet brand protection and domain name management, anti-counterfeiting, intellectual property litigation, and conducting periodic intellectual property audits.


We can help you identify your need for a trademark for your business name, logo, products, and services, and obtain trademarks for you by applying for registration of your trademark on both a state and federal level, as appropriate. We can also help you enforce and protect your trademarks against unlawful copying and use.

Trade Secrets

We can help you identify and protect valuable commercial information that provides your business with an advantage over competitors who do not have the information.

Intellectual Property Audits

We can meet with you on an annual or more frequent basis to identify any new or additional intellectual property issues that may need to be addressed.

Intellectual Property Litigation

With experience in federal and state courts, we have handled complex intellectual property lawsuits involving trademark, trade dress, and copyright infringement, as well as trade secret and computer software-related disputes, across the United States.

Trademark Litigation

Copyright And Copyright Litigation

In addition to securing copyright registrations to protect clients’ original works of authorship and handling development, licensing, and distribution for books, music, film, sound recordings, software, new media, photography, art, and multimedia, we counsel clients regarding the registration, licensing, policing, and enforcement of their copyright rights.


Counterfeiting, which is the manufacture of an imitation of an existing product to be sold as genuine, is a serious problem for companies in many industries. We protect clients from counterfeiting as follows:

Defamation And Rights Of Publicity

We can help handle litigation involving statutory rights of publicity under California Civil Code section 3344 involving the misappropriation of individuals’ names, voices, likenesses, signatures, or photographs, as well as claims for defamation that involve the spoken work (slander) or written statements (libel).

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Should you have questions about establishing or protecting your intellectual property, call Lobb & Plewe today at 951-788-9410 or send us an email to arrange a consultation.