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Companies can be sued for multiple different reasons, and if you operate a company that has been sued by another party, you need legal representation at your side. This can make a significant difference in the results of the claim. When a business lawyer gathers evidence to support your case and protect your rights, you may be able to navigate the situation more cleanly. No matter how severe the claim is, our team of Corona business litigation attorneys can help.

Lobb & Plewe can provide you with trustworthy and clear guidance to help you through your legal issues. We have the necessary experience to help businesses work through any legal troubles they face, and we’re committed to protecting your rights.

What Is Litigation in Business Law?

Business litigation in Corona, CA involves resolving disputes that occur in business and commercial environments. Companies could be sued for various types of offenses that could interrupt how they conduct their operations. In other words, business litigation encompasses several different types of legal problems associated with business-related situations.

Business litigators can assist with the following issues:

  • Wrongful termination. If an employee is fired for an illegal reason, such as discrimination, they can sue their company for wrongful termination.
  • Intellectual property disputes. If another party is using your intellectual property (IP) without permission, you can sue this party and potentially seek compensation. For instance, if someone attempts to use your trademarked logo without your consent, you can take legal action against them.
  • Fraud. Fraud can include many different offenses, such as insurance fraud, identity theft, tax fraud, and more. When a company commits fraud against another party, the company could be sued.
  • Breach of contract. If a party does not uphold their end of a contract, this is known as a breach of contract. You could be sued for breach of contract if you do something that is not outlined by the contract. For example, if you don’t pay a contractor according to the contract, you could be sued due to your violation.

When you’ve been notified of a claim, you may begin to feel overwhelmed, especially if you have other business matters to deal with. For this reason, meeting with a business litigation lawyer can make a drastic difference.

How Business Litigation Lawyers Can Protect You

Business litigators can significantly affect how you come out of the claim. If you hire a knowledgeable and active lawyer who is prepared to work through your case, they may be able to use certain defenses that could protect your business.

There are three common defenses that most business litigation lawyers can use to defend companies that have been met with a claim. These include:

  • Comparative negligence. Comparative negligence means that each party involved in an accident can receive compensation, depending on how much they were at fault for an incident. For example, if your employee was injured at work, but they were in a clearly marked unsafe location where they were not allowed to be, you may not be entirely at fault for the incident.
  • Assumption of risk. If someone knew the risks involved in a scenario yet took no action to mitigate the risk, you could sue them for negligence. This is often the case with defective product claims, as some companies may sell or manufacture a faulty product despite knowing the issues.
  • Contributory negligence. Business litigators may be able to use this defense if another party is found to be partly at fault for their injuries or damages. For instance, if an employee was injured while knowingly using faulty equipment, they could be sued for contributory negligence since they should not have used it.

These are the most common defenses that your lawyer could use to defend your business and potentially help you seek compensation or other settlements.

Business Litigation Settlement Options

If your lawyer can provide enough evidence to prove your case and protect your business in California, you may be entitled to compensation. There are different types of settlement options you could receive as a result of your lawyer’s efforts, such as:

  • Return of property. If another party took your property during this incident, they may be required to return it immediately.
  • Payment for damages. Businesses that suffered financial losses as a result of the claim or incident could be eligible to receive payment for damages.
  • Specific performance. The other party involved in the dispute may have agreed to perform some other action as a result of the settlement, and the court can order this action to be done at its discretion.
  • Injunctive relief. This means that one party is ordered by the court to stop doing whatever actions are hurting the other party.

While none of these settlement options are guaranteed, your business litigation lawyer may be able to help you secure one of the aforementioned outcomes.

Why You Should Hire a Business Litigation Lawyer

You may be tempted to handle your legal matters on your own, but this is risky and could potentially complicate your situation. As you’re likely running your own company and performing several different tasks daily, you may not have the proper resources or time to create your own defense and advocate for yourself. This reason alone is enough for many business owners to hire a lawyer, which we highly recommend.

A business litigator who is trustworthy, accessible, experienced, and listens to your concerns can be highly effective in helping you navigate this complicated situation. Your lawyer can gather evidence to defend you after you’ve been hit with a claim. They can then appear in court alongside you and advocate for you, using proven defense strategies to potentially lessen or eliminate penalties.

In some cases, you may be able to earn compensation or other settlement options, depending on how your case proceeds. To increase your odds of achieving this outcome, you should consider hiring a Corona business litigation law firm as soon as possible.

We’re Ready to Defend Your Business

If you’re a business owner in Corona, California, and need a business litigation lawyer to represent you, our team at Lobb & Plewe is here for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.