June 20, 2021

Successful conclusion of a business transaction.

Business Transactions

Our Corporate Department at Lobb & Plewe, can help you with all of your business transactional needs. From inception of your business to consummating an exit strategy, we will provide you the full range of business transactional legal services throughout the entire life cycle of your business. FORMING YOUR BUSINESS We will help you select …

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California’s New Independent Contractor Classification Test

The continued attacks by California’s legislature and courts on businesses and their owners’ ability to operate in this state has reached a new low. On April 30, 2018, the California Supreme Court virtually eliminated businesses’ ability to utilize independent contractors through its decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court. If anyone currently works …

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Attorney Fees in Trade Secret Litigation

Employees are often trusted with proprietary and confidential information, like customer data, bid pricing, and technological processes. At Lobb & Plewe, LLP, we have represented businesses dealing with employees using this confidential information to gain an unfair ” head start” for a competing business. We have also represented entrepreneurs who have done everything ” by …

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Nevada’s Tax Scheme

If considering migration from California, naturally the most logical question that follows is: ” To where?” As many of our clients choose Nevada, so many that we opened a new office in Nevada and joined the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, we prepared the following summary of Nevada’s tax scheme. Nevada does not tax personal …

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Migration Options

We view a migration out of California as possible within three different areas of your life. Each area may be migrated on its own, or in combination with the others. A complete migration from California would involve all three areas. The areas are your personal residence, the residence of your financial assets (or other personal …

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Migration in Business

Migrating from California is a long-standing, proven solution to the problems arising from California residency. Consistently since before 1990, each year, more people leave California than move to California (http://lao.ca.gov/LAOEconTax/Article/Detail/265). Certainly the motivation and causes for these moves vary from individual to individual, but if you’re interested in saving on California taxes, saving on taxes …

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Tax Considerations and Analysis When Moving Your Business Away From California

Our firm has experienced many clients move their companies away from California in recent years. Typically the shareholders focus on the logistics of the move but do not fully grasp the tax consequences before making the move. The tax consequences for a company moving operations away from California, either partial or total, are anything but …

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